New Shoes!

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So the last few weeks I’ve been having weird body aches and pains, which are not normal for me. In fact it has gotten so bad that I have trouble running more than 10 minutes. The other day I was ecstatic after running for 20 (minutes, not miles)! Finally I decided something needed to be done. I got a chiropractic adjustment, which was great since my body was way off balance and I was putting too much pressure on my right side when running. I felt a bit better but still terribly sore in all my lower extremity muscles, so I decided to get a massage. Again, felt better afterwards but still having difficulty running. Finally, it dawned on me that is has been over a year since I bought new shoes….waaaaay too long for the amount of distance I put on them! So I bit the bullet and went out and bought a new pair…Nike Air Pegasus, my favorite, the only kind I buy! And wouldn’t you know, after two days of running in them, I feel like a new woman! No pain, no muscle soreness, no strange pulling or tugging. It is great and I am so happy to be able to run again!!

So lesson learned-keep track of the distance and time you put on your shoes and get new ones when the old ones have wear and tear. Not doing so will subject your body to tortures it doesn’t deserve!

Not sure what type of shoe is best for your foot and running gait/stride? Most running specialty stores have treadmills and trained professionals to observe your gait and determine what shoe will be most beneficial for you. Check for one in your area.


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