I have been a runner for 14 years now. In junior high and high school I hated the days in my phy ed classes when we had to run the mile for time, or any other running for that matter. When I started college I took up “running” because I was carless and wasn’t able to get to the gym, but I needed some form of physical activity. I began with running for 1 minute, walking for 3. I went for 20 minutes every day. Slowly I began to increase the running and decrease the walking intervals…very slowly!! I’ll never forget the day I was able to run 20 minutes straight. I was so proud!

That began a love affair with running. I kept increasing my time and 2 years later I ran my first 5K race. Over the years I continued to run and race and worked my way up to half and full marathons, which I never in a million years would have thought I could do! Running to me has become an escape, a mood lifter, alone time, a good way to explore a new city, the means to getting out my frustrations, and a problem-solving method. Not to mention that it just feels good and can be done anywhere at anytime.

I am not the best example of a perfect runner. I don’t really like to run fast, so I don’t do much speedwork. There are days when I feel lazy and don’t run as long as I should. Sometimes I eat the wrong foods and drink too much wine. I’ll never win a race, I have improperly trained and gotten injured…however I can not imagine not being able to run and it is truly a joy for me.

Professionally I am a chiropractor and have experienced first-hand the benefits of having a balanced spine. It has made my running easier, my immune system stronger, and prevented injuries. 

My goal for this blog is to take my experience as a runner and a health professional and help others in their running journey, whether someone is a beginner and wants step-by-step instruction or if someone is a seasoned runner who just wants tidbits of advice here and there.


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